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    Return and Refund Policy

    Return & Refund

    Your new item isn’t exactly what you wanted and you wish to return it and receive a refund? Of course you can! Just make sure you


    1. Return the item within 14 days.
    2. The product is unused and not damaged in any way.
    3. Haven’t removed any tags!
    4. Include your receipt.


    Then you have to complete the following steps.

    Pack it!

    Pack the item by using the original received package and make sure you have returned it in a 14-day space from your purchase date.

    Send it!

    You can send your package with any postal service you prefer.

    If you are in Greece, the return delivery costs moves from 4.00€ to 7.00€ if you use Speedex, which is the company that we cooperate, you can send the package on our own charge and then we’ll deduct the fee from your returning amount.


    Please note that the order’s shipping charge cannot be refunded.


    Cancel Order

    You wish to cancel your purchase? Yes you can! Just make sure you contact us within the first 12 hours after your order placement and we’ll make sure to return your payment asap.

    You can contact us via email at or call us at +30 6977126155